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George Heracleous was born in Limassol. He studied Chromotherapy at St. George’s College in London. He has been working as an artist professionally for twenty years. Heracleous has presented his work in solo and group exhibitions in Cyprus and abroad. His paintings are part of public and private collections around the world. He owns a studio space in the centre of Limassol, where he lives and works.

With colour being the centrepiece of his work, George Heracleous has managed to develop a personal visual language and his own way of communicating with the viewer. Carefully composed forms, scratched marks, unexpected colours, and a dazzling light emerge through dozens of layers of oils, and become a vehicle for exploring inner aspects of the self through a personal visual idiom. The artist creates a chronicle, through the abstraction, he talks about nature, beauty, life, death.

The viewers, consumed by his stories, are called upon to perceive, recognise and experience fragments of the (sub) consciousness of the artist, but also of themselves.

For Heracleous, the most integral aspect of the work is the very process of creating, as he spends hours projecting his truth on the canvas. The canvases vibrate, enclosing so much energy – entities that reflect the relationship between the artist and the world that surrounds him.

Through his work he reveals inner agonies, traumas, anger, joy, tranquillity, hope, with unforeseen innocence and unprecedented lyricism. The smooth surfaces he creates – a strongly recognisable element of his practice – give the impression that the works are printed on the canvas, completely disconnected from their creator and ultimately from reality itself.


GUILTY PLEASURE: Black Coffee and Cigarettes
PERSONALITY: Warm, authentic and energetic
DREAM: To do what he loves
FAVOURITE COLOUR: All colours are magic


Solo exhibition

Nicosia, Cyprus

May 22 – June 26, 2022

Solo exhibition

Nicosia, Cyprus

June 26 – August 02, 2022


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